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Who is torturing the Philistines Part II

Charles E. Carlson Dec 15, 2010

Why the PA Can Not Represent the Palestinians

In Part I, we documented the growing realization that Arab citizens are being arrested and abused by Abbas's  Palestine Authority (PA) at the very time he is supposed to be representing them in peace talks, and that reliable international news sources now state that the USA and Israel are training the PA in the use of torture to control Hamas, its political competition.

We are told  Hamas is a "terrorist"organization, but if the PA is paid by the USA-Israel Axis to brutalize Hamas sympathizers, who is guilty?  It is undisputed that Israel is an occupier, therefore a military enemy of the Philistines.  Neither the capture of one IDF soldier, nor the accidental killing of an occasional civilian of an occupier state is terrorism, and as far as I know, Hamas has never killed or injured Americans.

In contrast, Fatah's acts toward other Arabs is terrorism.  Its predecessor, the PLO, gave the Philistines a bad name over and over again.  It killed members of Israel's Olympic team in 1972, it blew up jetliners belonging to western countries, and threw an aged American Jew into the sea from the deck of a pleasure cruise ship.

As long as now dead Yasser Arafat provided grist for the "terrorism" mill, he had underground US support.  Some may recall hearing that the US Air Force rescued the PLO army from the Israeli Defense Forces when it was trapped in Lebanon in August 1982.  

I had not then figured out the USA-Israeli axis, and I failed to understand why our great military would lift a finger to save Arafat and his pack.  Today I know that Arafat, like Abbas, was a wealthy, sometimes  profiteer, sometimes patriot. He was the USA's Arab in the Middle East with the role of creating sympathy for Israel and giving all Philistines a bad name while pretending to be their champion. 

The US rescue of the PLO led directly to the Sabra and Shatila massacre only a month later, arranged by IDF General Ariel Sharon.  It may well be the reason why a truck full of explosives ripped through the Marine barracks on October 23rd, 1983, killing 241 U.S. Marines, sailors and soldiers.  Our media never made this connection for us.

Claims of torture and abuse by members of the Palestinian security forces are not new. There has, however, been a sharp rise in reported cases, leading Human Rights Watch to remark last month that “reports of torture by Palestinian security forces keep rolling in”. The New York-based organization also bemoaned the “rampant impunity” of (PA) officers allegedly involved in the abuses.

Neither followers of Jesus, nor American Muslims should fall into the trap of trusting the Palestinian Authority, especially since it seems to have our President's ear.  It is being used to further suppress the Philistines.

The tragedy of the Palestinian occupation must be reversed in the USA, or else, when there are no more Philistines to destroy in Gaza, the looting machine will turn on those of our children who yearn for freedom and think they have a self-evident right to it.

PartI: http://whtt.org/index.php?news=2&id=3738

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