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Response: Sherry’s War

Our first two editions of “Pharisee Watch, Sherry’s War” have helped explain why many celebrity leaders who call themselves “Judeo-Christians” act more Judeo than Christian in matters of politics. Sadly, this is also true in area where their own culture is involved. Judeo-Christianity is the 150-year old subset of Christianity that is fanatically Israelophile, unwittingly placing the interests of a foreign state first, before all others.

Judeo-Christianity has also become radically Islamophobic (Muslim-hating) since the creation of the State of Israel by the United Nations in 1948, even when the lives of millions of women and children are involved. The evidence is overwhelming that the wars in the Middle East and much of Islamic Africa could not have been protracted without the acquiescence of an influential segment of the Judeo-Christian community in America.

In this series we have begun to examine the scripturally false teachings of the Judeo-Christian celebrities, whom one of our readers has called “blinded shepherds.” In future editions we will examine the terrible effects of the American-sponsored and American-financed wars in the Middle East, and how the war-making factions in our own country have cleverly used Judeo-Christians to support and justify war. The cost of human life that may exceed the number who died in the “Holocaust.”

Sherry’s War, Parts I and II, have produced an outpouring of commentaries, some of which express our ideas better then we can, and some of which denounce us for holding this issue up to the light. In this issue we are publishing excerpts from both sides.

One Subscriber Writes:

I have read your articles for the past year or so. I have been fascinated and forward your message to some of my friends, not because I agree wholeheartedly, but for information only reference.

I have to say that this month’s article has bothered me tremendously. I do believe in God’s promises and curses, not necessarily about Israel. I believe that they rejected the Lord Jesus Christ when he came to them (Israel)…

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The Sherry’s War series was featured in the October, 2001 of We Hold These Truths’ Right To The Point journal: