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Sherry’s War: “Judeo-Christian” or “Jesus Christian”? (Part 3)

Many celebrity leaders who call themselves “Judeo-Christians” act more Judeo than Christian in matters of the politics of God-given rights.  Judeo-Christianity is the 150-year young subset of Christianity.  It is fanatically Israelophilic.  Its adherents have unwittingly placed the interests of a foreign state, Israel, first before all others including America.  It’s promoters have done so knowingly

Judeo-Christianity has also become radically Islamophobic (Muslim-hating) since the creation of the State of Israel by the United Nations in 1948.  The evidence is overwhelming that the wars in the Middle East and much of Islamic Africa could not have been protracted without the acquiescence of an influential segment of the Judeo-Christian community in America.

Judeo-Christian celebrities are properly referred to by one reader as “blinded shepherds.”   Now let us examine the terrible effects of the American-sponsored and American-financed wars in the Middle East, and how the war-making factions in our own country have cleverly used Judeo-Christians to support and justify war.  The cost of human life that may exceed the number who died in the “Holocaust.”

We Hold These Truths demands the facts be told about the conditions in Palestine.  Judeo-Christians seek to make Palestinian Christians the Invisible People.  The media rarely tells you that some of the Palestinians are Christians (it was once about 10%), and they, too, are victims.  Sadly, as you can see from our mail, Judeo-Christians view this as an ancient religious war of Jews against Muslims.  This is an easy point of view to sell because the media, including the Celebrity Christian media, promotes it.

The war for Palestine is one of American-financed Israelis with sophisticated American weapons against mostly-unarmed Palestinian men, women, and children, and it is a war fought entirely on and over the Palestinians’ land.  This is why about 10 Palestinians, mostly civilians, die for every Israeli killed, and the wounded and maimed statistics are even more lopsided.

In territorial terms, the Palestinian war is a little different from the American Revolution, where the war was fought entirely on the American turf.  Probably no Englishman’s home was burned or looted.  But the English provided the weapons to burn the Americans’ homes.  In the 34 years of Israeli occupation all the occupied peoples, both Muslim and Christian, have for all practical purposes, lost their home, as we will see.

Chuck Carlson

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