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DAY 911 (published three days after the attack)

“Day 911” is repeated as originally published on We Hold These Truths website. When We circulated the story eleven years ago this author received a prompt call from the FBI. We did not know the FBI cared about us, or was on on our mailing list. The agent said he read our story and asked if we “knew any terrorists.”. He then and asking me to let him know “if any terrorists contact you.” I also received an angry call (among others) from my own church pastor letting me he no longer wanted to receive mail from me, “it made him too angry.”

Building 7 of the World Trade Center was not hit by an airplane as happened with WTC Buildings 1 & 2, yet it collapsed a near free fall speed. See: “WTC Building 7 Was ‘Pulled’ Down.”

Today, in light of professional information available about the World Trade Centers destruction, we know the official Day911 report is in part deliberately false. Those who doubt need only watch the film now available and recently and courageously presented by CPT12 Denver CO, the first Public TV station to air this film: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out

I hope you will first read our 11 year old report. We wrote these exact words with only the italics added for emphasis: Then you may want to contact your home PBS station program manager about showing film Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out, as a fund raiser for them!-CEC

DAY 911

September 14, 2001

The people who died and were injured on 9/11/2001 (Day 911) were of every race and religion, including Jews and Arabs. Who could be without sympathy for the victims and their families? We are already learning of acts of heroism, courage and sacrifice similar to those that took place on the Titanic. We salute the many brave firemen and other rescue workers who must have known how great the risk was when they entered the damaged structures, putting their duty ahead of their lives.

Our purpose at We Hold These Truths is to place the guilt squarely on the guilty. Only if we do that can we prevent a recurrence in some other place and some other way. The only alternative to our proposal is a police state in which all must surrender freedom in exchange for protection from an ever larger government. We will need an armed guard on every plane and a metal detector at every door, and still we will not be safe.

How is it that the United States has enraged our enemies enough to make horrific attacks on buildings like the World Trade Center and Pentagon?

If we leave the placing of blame to our Pharisee-controlled media, it will not be the last time. If we leave it to our political leaders, most of whom fear the Israeli power structure far more than they fear the voters, we will never know the truth. Our political leaders and media will blame the incident on the fanaticism of others to cover up their own fanaticism.

We expect the U.S. political machine to respond immediately with demands for retaliation against Arab nations who are Israel’s enemies, for it alone has made Israel’s enemies our enemies. Now, for the first time, we American civilians are paying the price for our government’s policies and actions. Because other nations consider our government to be the world’s bully, America faces the worst economic crisis in 70 years.

The cause of the Day 911 destruction is the bullying, war-making tactics of those who control our own government toward multiple small and frail independent Arab states, including Palestine and Iraq. Some, but not all, Palestinians hate America’s government because they have every reason to do so-our leaders openly support Israel’s military occupation of Palestine. Palestinian civilians have died every week of the year for 52 years! In the last year, Palestinians have seen about 500 of their civilians killed by Israelis using American weapons, including Abrams tanks, Apache helicopters and US sniper rifles.

The American taxpayers have provided almost $100 billion in documented direct foreign aid to Israel-about $4,000 for every Jewish man, woman and child in the Israel. In contrast, American foreign aid to Egypt, the second biggest recipient, is about $50.00 per Egyptian annually-the rest of the world gets much less-and Palestinian aid is Zero. Palestinians know it is American money that is killing them.

Some, but not all, Iraqis hate America because eleven years after the Gulf War was supposed to have ended, we continue to starve and bomb their children. The US bombed Iraq the day before the fateful Day 911, inflicting more casualties. Some other Islamic states hate us because they think they will be next on our hit list. Our leaders have helped to destroy one Muslim country after another, as we have detailed in past reports and will continue to do.

Except for the American people, the entire world knows about America’s secret war on Israel’s enemies. While We Hold These Truths does not often agree with the United Nations, we do agree with its broadly-supported efforts to declare that “Zionism is Racism.” Even delegates from non-Muslim countries voted for that UN resolution, and many now appear to also hate our government, because nobody can stomach a bully.

Why were a dozen or more young men willing to dash themselves to death against our concrete and steel banking centers on Day 911? Why did others willingly blow themselves to bits to punch a hole in the Warship USS Cole?

The international banks that office in NYC are among those who fund the wars, and Arabs know it. Arab and Islamic states believe they have been impoverished by internationalist Israeli-Patriot bankers, while being murdered by the Pentagon based Warmakers who control our government. They believe this because the record is clear that the acts of the Bankers and the Warmakers have combined to destroy Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine with Israeli personnel and US weapons; Iran by US support for Iraq in an eight-year war against Iran; Kosovo and Bosnia, where graves are still being found; and Somalia, Sudan, Libya, Algeria, Chechnya, Indonesia and more. The US also bombed Serbia for 80 days. Other non-Muslim victims have included Rhodesia, South Africa, Nicaragua, Haiti, Panama and more.

Some of these countries have been bombed, some have been starved, and some have been ruined by US economic sanctions such as those that exist against at least four of them, or by other means of destruction. You can bet every one of the dozen or so human missile pilots knew that most of these countries were considered enemies of Israel, and they believed the American government was responsible.

The patriotic firemen who gave their lives in the “Flaming Inferno” did not do so because they wanted to leave the world and their families behind. They did it out of a sense of duty. And although we may hate what they did, the men who flew the planes into the walls of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were also motivated by a sense of duty-a sense of duty fired by the desperation that comes from being victimized by a giant bully one too many years. If we fail to recognize this, we will live to see it repeated.

President Bush claims that Americans are victims of “faceless cowards” and wrongly concludes we can deter further events by punishing their families. Nothing could be farther from the truth, for there is no doubt about the commitment and resolve of the warriors who attacked us on Day 911. It is more truthful that the Bush administration(s) and those before have been the cowards.

Already our ignoble Congressmen are calling for escalation of the war against the innocent population of yet-to-be-named Arab countries. They are only waiting for a few scraps of proof that Arabs were involved. The news talk is already turning to retaliation. But this will not end the matter; it will only make it worse. It will also work to hide the crimes of our political leaders who brought this terrible retribution on an unfortunate and unsuspecting Americans on Day911.

There is one simple, conclusive way to end acts of war against our civilian population (wrongly called “terrorism”). We must end our own acts of war against Arab populations, and, for that matter, against all other people who are not our immediate concern. We cannot do this without stopping all aid of any kind to Israel, Egypt and any other countries. And if financial aid is being given to the Palestine Liberation Army (PLO) or any other Arab group, this too, must be stopped.

If Americans were involved in the bombings on Day911, there are legal means to deal with them, and this should be done. But continuing to kill and starve the mothers and children of Arabs in other countries, as our government has done in the past, will simply convince the world that they are correct about the great bully, and insure that Americans will again have to pay for the evil acts of our government.
Copyright (c) 2001 C. E. Carlson and Advisors