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One Nation Under Israel: A Book Review

In 1990, Andrew Hurley self-published a book entitled Holocaust II: Saving Israel from Suicide. In 1999, We Hold These Truths obtained the rights to republish Hurley’s book under the title One Nation Under Israel. With the passing of time, the policies and actions of Israel, are proving the original title to me more appropriate. [Ed.- Sept., 2017]

The following powerful one-page review of ONE NATION UNDER ISRAEL by career journalist and book author Dr. Susan Huck is the most incisive reviews yet. It again reminds your editor that this book was Andrew Hurley’s life literary work, resulting from 20 years of careful data collection and writing.

Hurley chose, because of the nature of his business relationships, to wait until his retirement to publish ONE NATION UNDER ISRAEL. Each paragraph and every word was mulled over time and time again before it was finally printed. Only the clearest facts and conclusions survived. The result was this impeccable book.

It was my honor to know Jim Hurley before his death last year, and to hear of the many antidotes he did not include, and some he could not include. Andrew J. Hurley (Jim) lived an abundant and adventurous life that would seem enviable to most of us. However It is my belief that he will someday be remembered, not for his business successes, but for this, his one and only book.

ONE NATION UNDER ISRAEL is the one book we know of that has yet to be seriously challenged on any material fact, and nary a detail has been upended since WE HOLD THESE TRUTHS published it as our first book. Hurley wrote ONUI believing that millions of lives were at risk, and that he could make a difference.

Thanks to Jim Hurley; we will do our best to help the world remember and honor him – Editor.


A Review by Dr. Susan Huck of ONE NATION UNDER ISRAEL, by Andrew Hurley

The original title of this 1990 book, “Holocaust II? Saving Israel from Suicide”, perhaps more accurately reflected the authors concern that aggressive Israeli policies might ultimately lead to disaster for Israel. However, the current title very accurately reflects the current American, as distinct from the Israeli problem. It details, as truthfully as any source I have seen, the manner in which Uncle Sam is converted into Uncle Schlemiel, Israels 900-pound gorilla.

The theme of suicidal Jewish zealotry is outlined in Hurley’s first chapter, which draws upon A History of the Jews, by Dr. Abram Sachar, once president of Brandeis University. Far from the tale of continual undeserved victim-hood constantly served to the public, Sachar demonstrates how, from a thousand years before the birth of Christ, Jewish tribes and states kept getting into needless difficulties with both friend and foe.

Ah, but such a perspective does not serve current purposes. “We” non-Jews must be kept guilt-ridden and “obliged” to grovel, pay, and otherwise sacrifice ourselves for Jews. An Anti-Defamation League catalogue of “educational” material emphasizes the theme of victim-hood and martyrdom at the hands of Christians, as in The Longest Hatred — “from the Cross to the Swastika.” The ADL’s concept of a “good Christian” is one who sacrifices himself for the Jews. It is sad to see the American armed forces being set up to serve as “good Christians” for Israel.

Hurley’s book was originally published in 1990, before “Gulf War I,” the Bush 41 war. The re-titled but not revised edition was published in 1999, apparently missing by just a few years “Gulf War II,” or the Bush 43 war scheduled for 2003. Nothing, it seems, will deter President George Bush from initiating the all-out war on Iraq being pressed by a Jewish cabal within his administration. Jewish enthusiasts look forward to it as the beginning of “World War IV” to forcibly “re-educate” all Muslims everywhere, beginning with Israels closest foes.

As the preface to ONE NATION UNDER ISRAEL explains, lawyer and historian Andrew Hurley does much more than examine Jewish history. He explains — at length and with “documentation,” the methods by which the Jewish lobby in the United States controls “our” federal government. The carrot is money, the stick is public smearing, followed if necessary by deprivation of livelihood.

American and Israeli Jews collaborate seamlessly to bulldoze Congress and the entire executive branch into sending an uninterrupted stream of money, military hardware, and whatever else is wanted to Israel. Congressman Larry McDonald, who was on the research and development subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee, once told me that “we wouldn’t even have an R & D program if Israel didn’t want us to,” because the fruits of taxpayer-funded R & D, he knew, were funneled straight to Israel.

The Israelis then feel free to market it, by the way. Hurley explains this in great detail. No cabinet member, not to mention mere bureaucrat, can stand in the way of this continual transfer of wealth, because the Jews can “go over the head” of anyone of any rank.

Hurley, writing in 1990, could not have known that George Bush’s father, Bush 41, would “learn” that he lost his 1992 re-election campaign because he merely delayed a “loan guarantee” to Israel. (That is, he delayed guaranteeing that if Israel defaulted, “our” government would pay. In any event, our annual multi-billion dollar gifts to Israel easily cover Israels debts.) Young Bush 43 has been keenly monitored ever since he loomed on the horizon as a candidate. The ADL boasts of this.

In short, Hurleys book is a manual of “how they do it,” filled with examples as of 1990. In 2003, “how they do it” has simply become more blatant, as Jewish “neocons” — so-called neo-conservatives — pack the administration with armchair warhawks and are apparently capable of employing the American armed forces as their own.

By employing mere name-calling as a first-line weapon, the goyim are reduced to jellyfish. Why does anyone respond to accusations of “anti-Semitism” with other than a patient smile and the comment, “That wont work, either”?

If the silly goyim ever wake up and do that, the United States might cease to be One Nation Under Israel.

(Reviewer, Dr. Susan Huck’s latest book is WHY DO WE AMERICAN SUBMIT TO THIS? By Newcomb Publishers Inc.

One Nation Under Israel,  [Available at WHTT eshop]

Truth Press, 1999.