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Vigils outside the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

Dear Mr. Carlson,

My long-distance friend and comrade Henry Herskovitz gave me
your address (at my request). I was excited to learn of your
effort to call Christian churches to account for their
racist war-mongering. I m in the DC area and very active in
the struggle for Palestinian rights, which of course means
challenging the delusions of Americans concerning Zionism
and the state of Israel.

Like you and Henry I like to get in people s faces a bit.
Since March, I have led a small group of activists who hold
vigils outside the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. We ve
done about 50 by now. I wish we could have someone down
there whenever it is open as many visitors are very
receptive to our message.

As a committed Christian (Episcopalian), I have devoted
serious study to the meaning of the Land of Promise in the
Bible and in Jewish history. I think it is important for
Christians, Jews, and anyone else considering the
Israeli-Arab conflict, to understand how wrongheaded the
Zionist take on the Promise is — not just as a matter of
universal human morality, but as a matter of Judeo-Christian
theology, and scripture. The truth (as the attached paper
demonstrates) is that the Promise to the People of Israel
was and is all about God s plan to redeem and reconcile ALL
his children.

Once people get that, then they will no longer feel torn
between their desire to be faithful to scripture and their
common human decency (assuming they have common human
decency!) Many very nice, decent people would then feel free
— or even compelled — to support seeking peace and justice
for the Palestinians.

Thanks for taking a look at the paper (if you can) and
giving me any feedback you can, including, of course, how I
might get my message out.

I wish you the best in your courageous work for peace and
brotherhood. Please don t hesitate to call on me if you are
coming to Mordor (I mean DC!) or if I can assist you in any

Steve France, Esq.