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San Francisco Vigil for Peace with Justice for Palestinians

Bay Area Jewish Voice For Peace
Bay area organizations and Friends:

We hope you will find a way to support  Vigil for Peace with Justice for Palestinians in San Francisco CAon September 14th.  John Hagee followers will perform a Christians United for Israel, (CUFI)  “Standing With Israel” program  at:

Where Congregation Ner Tamid, 1250 Quintara Street – San Francisco, CA, 94116 (map)

When:  Sunday, Sept. 14 from 1:30 PM – 4:40 pm.

We have asked Rabbi Moshe Levin to cancel this event.  We hope so, but we plan to be there if CUFI is, how about you?

For those with a tight schedule, It’s best to come at 1:30 PM for one hour to meet the attendees on their way in, and those who cannot come early should arrive about 4:30-5:30 to educate those departing.  Quintana is a high traffic boulevard, so please make your signs and banners large, simple and easy to read for moving  traffic. We will have extra’s and hand-out literature for those who do not have signs.  Jewish Voice for Peace brought a very effective banner to our Arvada Colorado Vigil.

Protesting Faith Bible Chapel's support for Ariel, one of the larger West Bank settlements

Protesting Faith Bible Chapel’s support for Ariel, one of the larger West Bank settlements

We add some practical detail in for those not familiar with what “Christian Zionists” believe, and why they do.  We hope you will have a chance to talk to some of the attendees.

 One of Project Strait Gate’s signs is:

Sign-Innocent.Blood.Gaza-aWe rely upon expressions from the bible that mean something to Christians and religious Jews. The Old testament contains a dozen or more condemnations of those who “shed innocent blood.” One New Testament story in the book of Matthew tells of infamous Judas, who hangs himself after confessing, “I am guilty of shedding innocent blood.”  The views held by John Hagee and most Christian Zionists are repugnant to religious Jews and followers of Christ should denounce Hagee for the innocent blood of thousands on his hands, from Iraq to Afghanistan, and Gaza.

Hagee is thought to be a friend of  Zionists because he raises money and swings political pressure for Israel. But his purpose is self-serving.  He would never be accepted by religious Jews if they knew of his core teachings.  Christian Zionists teach that this sect alone is on the way to a confusing, sometimes spiritual, sometimes earthly resurrection, and afterlife, and that most Jews will be slaughtered in a giant battle called “Armageddon” before the new heaven on earth.  ( For details please see letter to Rabbi Moshe Levin)

We appeal to Christians who attend with our message:  Christianity holds that all men are equal, and God plays no favorites. Unfortunately, there are as many as 70 million Americans who have, in some way, been influenced to Christian Zionist conclusions.  No two leaders tell exactly the same story because the story defies logic, and each Christian Zionist leader seems to want to come up with his own biblical twist.   Confused followers are told everyone else is confused, and they must love Israel no matter what it does, and hate each of Israel’s enemies.  These include most recently Russians…traditional Christians believe Jesus left his followers with the responsibility to help fix the mess we have in our land, no matter who made it. Our own 29 minute film Christian Zionism, the Tragedy and the Turning, contains a detailed  explanation of how Christian Zionism came to be in the last 125 years, and how secular Zionists have helped it to happen. This film asserts that there are some  30-50 million Christians influences to some degree by Zionist, including those who follow Hagee….

We Hold These Truths has staged well over 100 vigils like this one, coast to coast.  We hope Jews, and other Christ Followers will join us in informing this Synagogue that Hagee’s people are not those they should allow inside their sanctuaries.   Our message to Congregation Ner Tamid Rabbi Moshe Levin should cancel this event.  Our message to the congregation is, turn form Zionism.  We hope you will join us on the public sidewalk, in front of this synagogue.  (For details please see letter to Rabbi Moshe Levin)


Charles E Carlson, 602 741 4650,
Craig Hanson, Bay Area Contact: 707-484-2196
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