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CFR’s Elliott Abrams Belittles, Threatens Lutheran Church

The War Dragon attacks a church that dares to care for Palestinians

Several Christian denominations have recently supported the call for justice for Palestinian people, who have lived under Israeli occupation for the last 68 years. The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America is the first to earn a head-on rebuke from Zionist Elliott Abrams, a Council On Foreign Relations’ Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Studies in an article, “The Lutheran Church Attacks Israel, Again” by him He  served in foreign policy positions for U.S. Presidents, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.

Elliott Abrams Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Studies at the Council of Foreign Relations

Elliott Abrams Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations

Abrams is insulting, condemnatory and petty of the Lutherans.  He ends with pronouncing a sarcastic eulogy over the ECLA, which reflects the depth of the CFR determination to crush anyone who stands for peace in Palestine.  He calls the ELCA a church on the decline, and writes: 

“This resolution was passed by 82% of those voting. One wonders if the last few ELCA congregations, when there has been another 25 years of shrinkage, will pass an anti-Israel resolution just before turning out the lights.”

Mr. Abrams’ condescending attack on the ELCA was published with a simultaneous first response letter to Abrams from a third-party.  The suggested the Church’s tax exempt status should be removed for speaking out on a “political” issue.  Because it was the first response (only 10 have been published) this one reads like a convenient Abrams epilogue, an idea too outrageous for Abrams to suggest, and probably planted to frighten Lutherans.  

Council On Foreign Relations member and blogger Elliott Abrams is a long time Washington fixture, and apparently is now a Jewish Zionist trigger man. His statement should be taken as an outrageous attack on the right of any Christians to practice their faith, especially the part about loving one’s brothers. It is a direct assault on every Christian group that stands for “peace” in the Middle East because they believe it is a principal Jesus taught. 

Thanks to (ECLA) delegates at the New Orleans conference for standing fast.  The Palestinian people, some 4 million of them, do live under unbelievable Soviet Gulag- like conditions, under the very noses of the civilized world.  Hundreds of Christian denominations in thousands of church congregation’s have managed to remain blind or ignorant of this since 1948. Only very recently have some helped expose the most ugly international abuser of humanity since the Soviet gulags’ walls came down in the 1990s. Strangely, this same Eliot Abrams  was then serving in the Reagan administration State department which was a witness to the freeing of many Russians from these Gaza-like prison camps!  More recently he was part of the G.W. Bush, Dick Cheney war machine.

Now Abrams has threatened the ELCA for telling the world about the Israeli gulags called The West Bank and Gaza.  Apparently, Abram’s well-known Jewish Zionist ties seem to bear a heavier hand on him, than Reagan’s motivations that helped free millions in Russia from the gulags of the Solzhenitsyn years, when Abrams served on Ronald Reagan’s staff.  

Abram’s target, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America is now one of several Christian churches for peace and justice, just as Author Alexander Solzhenitsyn was one of the first successful whistle-blowers on the Soviet Gulags.  Abrams was there with Reagan, but he now is acting more like the Gulag prison guard, attempting to keep the secrets of the Israeli hell from leaking out to the world through ELCA and other awakened denominations. HIs brazen threat and intimidation of the ELCA seems to be the last-ditch hope of protecting world Zionism from discovery. 

In WHTT’s award winning documentary film, Christian Zionism, The Tragedy and the Turning, we stated that any hope of an organized “turning” back to a Christian scriptural, pro-peace agenda must and would begin with the old mainline churches, and not with the neo-Christian organizations that have supported Zionism for the last 68 years.  Among  these mainline church groups that are now doing this are:  PCUSA, United Methodist, United Church of Christ, Quakers, Mennonites and others who have begun to act out Jesus’ mandate for peace.  

The ELCA is the first to earn a head-on attack, coming from the very epicenter of Zionism and mind control in the USA.  Elliott Abrams of the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR), has taken an unprecedented step in publicly denouncing  a major US denomination. We again remind readers of the hidden threat tacked on to Abrams story: “Whenever a religious group starts to meddle in politics of any sort it loses its categorization of being a religious organization and must lose its tax status.”

An internal organization within the church, Peace Not Walls, deserves the credit for exposing Israel’s obvious inhumane treatment of some 4 million souls.  Israel is imprisoning more humans than the ELCA claims as members!  Without saying so, the ECLA has challenged the entire evil warring system that has controlled American politics almost completely since the Iraq war in 1991.

The powers that ELCA has awakened against it, represented by Elliott Abrams, includes the world armament industry, the international banks, and most of the media. The ELCA’s condemnation of Israel for its obvious genocidal abuses in Palestine is about much more than Israel; it is indeed a challenge to the financial powers who run the 100 plus-year old US war-based economy.  The war against all of Islam began 65 years ago in the villages of rural Palestine.  It now has been intentionally spread across the oil rich Middle East and it is clearly scheduled to involve Russia and China, in time.  The beginning of this move towards World War III began in Israel in 1948 and is still going on, but Israel is only a small part of it now, a shadow of the big war.  ELCA, as we said, has tweaked the war dragon’s tail.  Those who pull Elliott Abrams’ strings at the CFR are all but shouting for ECLA to recant or die!

I have no doubt that most ELCA delegates who cast those votes believe they acted for humanitarian reasons only and are not politically motivated.  But now ELCA, and all those who follow its example, are being charged with playing politics with tax-exempt dollars.  This is only the beginning of what will become an attempt to intimidate every church that has the courage to stand against the US war machine of which Israel is a phalanx. Most people do not realize that Israel is now serving as the first US proxy for war in the Middle East, as well as others, including Saudi Arabia.  ELCA is being told “Back down or perish” by The Council on Foreign Relations, one of the most powerful propagandists in the world.  It prefers that ELCA youth would play Pokemon Go, when they should be committed to peace in our time, beginning with Palestine.

You brave delegates have stepped over the line into the nerve center of the world warring-machine.  God will bless you where I cannot, but I  support you by telling the truth about what ELCA has done and how others can follow its example. An educational movement is needed with a speakers’ bureau consisting of Pro-Peace Jews, Muslims, and Christians who understand Christian Zionism, to solicit meetings and workshops with local church leaders of any denominations that will listen. The agenda must be to support the pro-peace movements and explain why churches will be under attack from the likes of the CFR for doing so. In unity there is strength, in Jesus there is hope. It is time for Christians to proclaim peace regardless of cost.  

The ECLA has caused the Dragon to show her teeth.  The beast’s counterattack on ECLA is proof that its movement for peace, starting in Palestine, is a threat to the War Dragon’s plan.  Remember, if it were not stinging, Abrams and the CFR would ignore it!

Please take 29 minutes to watch again WHTT’s always accurate, but now prophetic “Christian Zionism, the Tragedy and the Turning” –


Paul Hoskins
August 31st, 2016

The times we live forbid one to believe in those words that are qualities for justice: Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. Blessed are the peacemaker for they shall be called the children of God. Whose child is E. Abrahms?! How much of another’s property shall he usurp? Can not forget the definition of the world is unjust. But there is no dictator nor Caesar to blame. ANother Jew who represents a foreighn country in the CFR.

It is news to me that United Methodist , Church of CHrist . I knew of the US Presbyterian . But it is one to have a political or official “moral” opinion about foreign policy and another to preach from the pulpit to those who tenaciously cling to their blind faith for Israel.

Michael M.
September 15th, 2016

I grew up in a Lutheran church affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, and am so very proud they have taken this moral stand. I hope other churches will soon follow their lead and do the same. Verbal attacks from the twisted likes of Elliott Abrams will not halt the increasing awareness of mainline Christian churches of the true calling of their faith – to speak out against the undeniable evils perpetrated by Zionism in the Middle East.

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September 20th, 2016

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