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Christian Zionism Is a War Based Religion

Christian Zionism is a war based, political religion wrapped around the notion that the modern state of Israel is a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. It is a form of dispensational Christianity that is less than 200 years old. and, where war figures into its end times theology.

In this compelling podcast, Chuck Carlson, Tom Compton and Craig Hanson delve into various aspects of this war based religion including numerous, prominent evangelical Christian leaders like Henry Blackaby, Chuck Colson (deceased), Bill Bright (deceased) of Campus Crusade, D. James Kennedy (decesead), Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Conference, Ted Haggard, John McArthur, Dr. Wayne Grudem (author of “Politics According to the Bible“) and John Hagee who have blessed the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, both before and after the wars started. They’ve gone so far as to say these wars are “just wars” according to their intrepretation of the Bible. WHTT’s Chuck Carlson warned his fellow Baptists in 1990 about not going to war against Iraq (“Iraq: Americans Prepped For ‘War‘.” Also, before the 2003 Gulf War on Iraq, WHTT opposed going to war, again (see here). An excellent article from 2004 in exposes evangelical Christians who support unjust wars:  Pro-War Christians Should Come Clean. (32 minutes)


Alex Awad
February 28th, 2017

Many Christian Zionist assume that they are, “Full Gospel” believers. How can they drop justice, righteousness and peacemaking from their preaching and teaching and continue to presume that they are “Full Gospel” believers?

Paul Hoskins
February 28th, 2017

Another UN war for Israel and the prophets have sent their messages to the king . Why they will not violate the most holy sanctuary and visit these obsequious minions of lawlessness themselves is another question. But they pray and bless their rulers for their vassalage to sovereign Israel and approve of their solemn disavowal of peace.

Not that the reps or king would need these false prophets’ approbation . Most have vested interests in eternal war itself . All covet reelection and their continuing ambitious journey into darkness. But the callous prophets concur war is morally justifiable.

A god has commanded it, scribes recorded it and the churchmen rejoice , who are intoxicated with old testament genocide and enraptured that they can experience vicariously of course more indiscriminate , “honest to god” blood shed.

And it may encourage the self esteem of the money allocators to know that all their constituents are not comatose. Even though they never answer my letters or even read them and send condemning evidence of their vacuous indifference to me.

Since my generation has known only war or cries of war, one muses in silence to contemplate could there be anything else? Perhaps we do not know what peace is and that those , who rule us do not want us to know and consequently desire it.

Peace begins within the soul and truly the ultimate war is within us. This is why most legislation and theology is to destroy the soul. Peace is spiritually discerning the greatest gift , the distant ultimate goal . The metaphor for heaven is peace. Christ Jesus is the Prince of Peace.
But peace loving people do not control or rule others. They serve righteousness.

My grandfather admonished me 50 years ago as I in callow reverie advocated another war. He lamented in his modest way that, he had ” seen wars since turn of the century and had never seen good to come from one yet.”

May be not for a poor, hard working ,subsistence farmer and Baptist preacher but no thing happens so terrible in this god forsaken world that someone does not profit. They should be condemned and eliminated. May I suggest we begin with the false prophets.

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Paul Hoskins
March 6th, 2017

Justification of all things in the anti-Christian church of today relies on its absolute, literal interpretation of scripture. Absolutism is not the Spirit , which replaced or represented Jesus of Nazareth. is taken or made hostage by the modern church , which serves the Anti- Christ.

It is the aphorism which describes the authentic and the impostor, the honest man and the liar. Both speak the truth. One however uses the truth to serve him; the other serves the Truth.

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