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Fox News: Palestinian Christians Slam Pence’s pro-Israel Faith

Editor CEC comments:  The Fox News report below provides a reasonable definition of “Christian Zionism,” along with VP Pence’s anti-Arab theology, but ignores the history of Israel’s occupation and genocide, which are well known and undeniable, except to Fox News readers and others like them. Yet since it is unusual to get anywhere near a fair break from this very Pro-Israel news source (when it comes to this particular subject), we are beginning to think that the Zionist-leaning, neo-Christian cultism that has come to infect some 60 million Americans who claim to be Jesus’ followers, is getting to be too obvious for even pro-Zionists like Fox News to overlook and ignore. 

We suggest you read the story, but not stop there.  Ask yourself why this report failed to mention facts so well known that they would almost certainly have been addressed by the several Palestinian and other spokespersons whom Fox interviewed. The undisputed truth is that United States aid to Israel, in the form of military hardware, stands at $10 million per day, one of the largest of all US international hand outs!  Compare this regular, huge layout to the amount the US contributes toward the very modest United Nations’ Palestinian food aid program meant to provide some of the bare necessities to head off mass starvation in that Land – – and there are even serious questions concerning the manner in which this aid is handed out! 

WHTT will be doing a follow-up story of our own relating to all this, to lay out the facts as we know them, based upon our own on-the-ground observations.  In the meantime, as you read this Fox News report, hold this question in mind:  How much more is there to the story?   Editor (CEC)      


Palestinian Christians say U.S. Vice President Mike Pence’s brand of evangelical Christianity, with its fervent embrace of modern-day Israel as fulfillment of biblical prophecy, lacks their faith’s compassion and justice, including for those who have endured half a century of Israeli occupation….

Pence was in Jerusalem on Monday, expressing his full-throated support for Israel in a speech to parliament filled with biblical references. During an exuberant welcome, Pence and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu publicly rejoiced in the Trump administration’s decision last month to recognize contested Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

The dramatic policy shift is seen as a betrayal by the Palestinians, who claim Jerusalem’s Israeli-annexed eastern sector as a capital and now reject U.S. mediation in any future efforts to resolve their long-running conflict with Israel. The Jerusalem pivot also upset some of Washington’s Arab allies, particularly Jordan, where King Abdullah II laid out his disagreement with U.S. policy to the visiting Pence in unusually pointed remarks Sunday.

The Jerusalem declaration and a subsequent Trump decision to curb aid to Palestinian refugees — both aligned with the Netanyahu government’s agenda — had been top priorities for Pence….

“For me, it’s a sick ideology,” said Munib Younan, the recently retired bishop of the small Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land and former president of the Lutheran World Federation, an umbrella for churches with millions of believers.

“When I say Jesus is love, they want my Jesus to be a political Jesus,” Younan, 67, a Jerusalem-born Palestinian, said in a recent interview at his West Bank church.

Younan said he supports a just solution to the conflict with Israel, including the establishment of a Palestinian state in the lands Israel captured in 1967 — east Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza. Jerusalem should be shared by Christians, Muslims and Jews, he said, adding that a peace deal would enhance Israel’s security…

In biblical Bethlehem, the traditional birthplace of Jesus, Mayor Anton Salman said Pence’s comments contradict his declared aim of helping Christians in the Middle East. “He would need to change his thoughts and behavior … and recognize the rights of Arab Palestinian Christians who are the people of this land, to support their rights to have their independence, their freedom and east Jerusalem as our capital,” said Salman, a Roman Catholic…

Rebecca Littlejohn, a Disciples of Christ pastor from La Mesa, California, contemplated the debate while sipping hot lemon in a coffee shop off Manger Square, at the end of a Holy Land study tour during which her group met Israelis and Palestinians.

Littlejohn said her denomination works with Palestinian Christians and that she belongs to a grass-roots group engaged in peace efforts. She said that while Disciples of Christ emphasizes Christian unity, “I find very little, from what I know of it, in Mike Pence’s religion that looks like Christianity to me.”

“But am I going to say, he is not welcome at the table?” she said. “No, I’m not going to say that because it’s not up to me.”

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