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Must See Report on Syria War by FOX Newsman, Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson is no known relative of this writer, but I am proud of him, just the same for a daring, 7-minute presentation on Fox News on April 10th. He has challenged the who’s and why’s of the rumored gassing that Donald Trump and his European and British counterparts seem to have accepted, even though there is no actual proof that the Syrian government was responsible for the latest gas attack near Damascus, or even if there was such an attack.  The claim has taken the US to the very brink of war. Gratifying it is that T. Carlson has relied on common sense, logic, and memory of past events to arrive at the same conclusion as the advisors of We Hold These Truths.  He may be staking his career on his commitment to truth at FOX, an establishment news source that probably has one or more Supra-Gov board members, owners or advisors.  Post script: Four days after T. Carlson recorded this message, Donald Trump dropped bombs on Damascus without authorization or consultation with Congress!  

We make only one  addition to the reasoning and conclusions of T Carlson’s. places the root blame on what we have termed the US Supra-Gov, a hidden power base made up of billionaires who rarely run for political office; they are far more likely, instead, to be found in the boardrooms of major international banks and news sources, than in Congress or bureaucratic offices.  We agree 100% with what Tucker Carlson has reasoned and laid out so well.  In this war for peace to which we are dedicated (and we trust Tucker Carlson is as well), the “Stop or Kill” decision is controlled by the financial motives of those we call US Supra-Gov.  It depends very little on whether or not they hate or love Russia, Syrian President Assad, or even the State of Israel. The pending war, or avoidance of it, is a mere dollar decision to them, and nothing more. This is why the truth is neither an obstacle nor an objective for Supra-Gov.

Thanks “Cousin” Tucker – Great Job!    [Editor: CE Carlson]

Chuck Carlson and members of We Hold These Truths weighed in on the situation in Syria in our 24 minute podcast, “Making War on Syria” –

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Making War On SyriaWe Hold These Truths
April 13th, 2018

[…] Why is another deadly gas attack on a rebel area near Damascus instantly blamed on the government of Syria by the US and her allies, without proof? This charge makes no sense as Syria and her allies are winning the war against ISIS and the other opposition jihadists. Is this another false flag operation like the two similar chemical weapons attacks in 2013 and 2017. It sounds like deja vu to We Hold These Truths and another attempt by the US to keep our war based economy going. In this 24 minute podcast, Chuck Carlson and members of We Hold These Truths analyze what is going on in Syria. This video analysis, “War In Syria: This Could Be The End” by Stefan Molyneux is referenced and recommended in the podcast. Also, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson’s report confirms what we are saying: “Must See Report on Syria War by Fox Newsman, Tucker Carlson.” […]