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Will Americans Have To Take a Loyalty Oath to Israel Instead of U.S.?

Rick Sanchez of RT America reports on a phenomena sweeping the nation that makes a mockery of the First Amendment to the US Constitution, that protects the right to free speech. Laws have been enacted by 26 states in America deeming that any person doing work for that state must take a loyalty oath that they currently are not boycotting Israel, or will not in the future. This 4 minute report needs to be watched by anyone valuing the right to freedom of speech.

Speech therapist, Bahia Amawi would not sign Texas’s “Israeli Loyalty Oath” and can no longer teach in Texas.

More details about Bahia Amawi, who would not sign the Texas loyalty oath to Israel can be found in the Intercept article, “A Texas Elementary School Speech Pathologist Refused to Sign a Pro-Israel Oath, Now Mandatory in Many States — so She Lost Her Job.” Also, there is a bill being proposed in Congress that would make the “Israel Loyalty Oath” the law of the land (see: “Senators Working to Slip Israel Anti-Boycott Law Through in Lame Duck“). [Ed.-TEC]


David Cheney
December 21st, 2018

Those “representatives” of the people have violated their oaths to uphold the Constitution for the US but also the constitutions of their states. Under US law that is treason against the US and her citizens. This particular “law” is also treason against God and His church.

Treason is a capital offense punishable by death. All of these legislators should be immediately hung. The death they face at God’s hands will an everlasting death!

Rod McDonald
December 30th, 2018

This is a disgusting law. Rob Portman the cosponsor is a disgusting human being.

January 5th, 2019

I see the Kosher Kriminal Klan is busy as usual!