Pastor Chuck Seilestad Explains Christian Zionism; WHTT Replies

Pastor Chuck Seilestad has written to Charles Carlson, explaining his beliefs.  Bible-college educated layman, Craig Hanson, answers, and I (Carlson) comment.   Craig and I met this Pastor outside his church over two years ago.  Unfortunately, his view of scripture is shared by tens ... Full Story

Pastor Greg Boyd Explains Pro-Israel Church Scripture Twisting

Pastor Greg Boyd gives an Inspiring 46 minute message explaining Christian Zionism. Pastor Boyd says, "Many Christians are obstructing peace in the Middle East by misinterpreting what the Bible says about the nation of Israel."  He stated in a recent ... Full Story

Israel Summit Exclusive, Racist; Palestinians Left Out

Vigil by Protesters at Pastor Jonathan Wiggins' Resurrection Fellowship Church Volunteer challengers at the "Israel Summit:  Stand Firm" learned that the conference's theme is not "unity", but is, in fact, about exclusive-ism, a form of racism.  Arabs, Muslims, ... Full Story

Pastor Wiggins Reveals Christian Zionist Theme At Israel Summit

Jonathan Wiggins, Senior Pastor at Resurrection Fellowship, clearly identifies himself as a Christian Zionist in an interview with the Longmont Reporter-Herald. As such, he cannot possibly treat the Palestinian people as anything but vassals and slaves to the state ... Full Story