Americans Changing Their Minds About the Israel/Palestine Issue

It's impossible in the United States to get a balanced view from the US government or the main stream media about what is happening in Israel vis-a-vis Palestine.  In spite of this, more Americans are waking up to the injustices perpetrated against the Palestinians for over 65 years by Zionist Israelis.  To get a more revealing look, you'll find gems like this news item from The Times of Israel.  Not only does it talk about growing support for Palestine by Americans, its pictures reinforce and demonstrate the reality of the Israeli Military Occupation.  The separation wall is strangling places like Bethlehem and the illegal settlements in the Occupied West Ban continue to expand along with additional confiscation of Palestinian lands. Full Story

Rothschild Dynasty, The Balfour Declaration and War in Syria

One hundred years after its issuance, the Balfour Declaration continues to be a goad for perpetual war.  Its purpose went beyond creating a Zionist state in the Middle East...its more terrible result set the stage for future wars by dividing the ... Full Story

‘Evangelicals side with Israel. That’s hurting Palestinian Christians.’

Your editor hopes you will read every word of the Washington Post's unusual coverage of the problems Christians face living In Israel, written by Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian, who is an assistant editor at Foreign Policy magazine.  We quote part of the story ... Full Story

Washington War Drums Pounding for Russian Conflict

According to Prof Michel Chossudovsky, "The US and its allies had established a Field Operations Room in the Aleppo region integrated by intelligence personnel. Until it was targeted by a Russian missile attack on September 20, this 'semi-secret' facility was operated by US, ... Full Story