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Project Strait Gate was organized as a Christ followers’ effort to define, identify, and expose the leaders of Christian Zionism, and to provide guidance to others on how to best restore the well-meaning followers of it, who are often close family members. Project Strait Gate takes its name from a passage in the book of Matthew describing a difficult, but the only correct path in following Jesus’ teachings. Mr. Carlson started Project Strait Gate with an action agenda after returning from a one-man fact-finding trip into the Gaza Strip, which he described as an open air prison, and where he saw first hand the fruits of radical Zionism, both Christian and Jewish.

Project Strait Gate has held over 100, peaceful, legal interventions (Vigils) at some 65 churches and national religious conventions, and some more than once. Chuck Carlson has written some 250 articles reflecting upon the cause of the failure of churchmen to carry out Jesus Christ’s mandate to be peacemakers in the face of a war-based US economy.

Start your own vigil at a Christian Zionist church near you. There have been people who have conducted a vigil on their own. However, it’s always fun to have a friend or two to join. Click here: Tools To Start Your Own WHTT Project Strait Gate Vigil

Please contact us, if you’d like some help:

Chuck Carlson
We Hold these Truths
P.O. Box 35
Wheat Ridge, CO 80034
Tel.: 303-238-1168


Robert Stevenson
January 22nd, 2017

I am searching for literature to read on the historical point of view. I have studied for some years now but never knew I was actually a Christian Zionist! I have to admit that it appears that is what I am/was. I came across your website and have been going through the bible examinations and also watching videos. I’m amazed, shocked, and repentant.
As a result, I have also looked into the International Jew by Henry Ford, Ted Pike, the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and also some revisionist materials. Some things I have been exposed to are plain disgusting but nonetheless they really explain where the world is today.
All that said I’ve been listening to Mark Horton on your site as of late and nothing has ever made more sense to me. But I’m left with this sort of nagging question “what now” Many things prophesied do appear to have been fulfilled by our lord, Jesus, at his appearing 2000 years ago. What now? Is there a sort of new line of demarcation in Revelation between past and future? I’m really writing for direction in finding some books along this line that may further my research. So far I can’t locate a single book by Mark Horton (although he may not have written any which is a shame) and are there other authors you can recommend? I sort of feel a little like Nicodemus. I’ve got some religious teaching but I really don’t have the facts!
Thanks for all your time and effort,
Bob Stevenson

Tom Compton
January 22nd, 2017

Bob, thanks for your most kind words about our mission. We love to hear it when Christians come out from the bondage of Christian Zionism. If you haven’t already listened to the testimony of one our associates, Craig Hanson, we recommend the podcast “Confessions of a Former Christian Zionist.” Mark Horton has not written any books, yet. We will pass on your questions to him.

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